Surveying with our technology and its terrain and elevation modeling capabilities offers a high spatial and temporal mapping solution.

Our aerial surveys provide the accurate results that can be obtained and used for further processing in geographical information systems within a short timeframe.


Our drone technology offers a number of advantages over the traditional method of remote reconnaissance. We can create aerial photographs faster and with a considerably higher spatial and temporal resolution. 

Mapping Applications

      • Street Mapping
      • Municipality Tax Accessing
      • Municipality Mapping
      • Inventory Recording
      • Land Mapping
      • Property Assessment

Topographic and 3D Models

Our experts at LETELmetrics not only perform the aerial surveys, but also analyze the data to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional terrain models or elevation models according to the customer’s preference. Terrain and elevation models are suitable for hydrological modeling, surface and volume calculations and construction of landscapes and roads for the purpose of project planning.

Topographic and 3D Model Applications

  • Earthwork Modeling
  • Landfill Modeling
  • Quarry Modeling
  • Mine Modeling
  • Adjusted Elevation Models
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Building Models (BIM)
  • Topographic Comparisons

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