The change from summer to fall has been a super-exciting time for LETELmetrics, LLC. No sooner did we announce our push into the engineering space, but we can report we’ve partnered with two major home developers: Starlight Homes, and American Homes 4 Rent!

American Homes 4 Rent focuses on getting Millennials into their own homes. The rent is considerably low ($1300-1500) and they offer rent-to-own programs. American Homes 4 Rent renovates and maintains their properties to its Certified Property standards. They are a nationwide company with local, in-house management professionals working for them, providing industry-leading service and utilizing their enhanced technology to deliver a superior residential experience. Check them out. 

Starlight Homes works to make buying a first home an easy experience. They guide their customers through the process and help them finance one of their quality homes, and we all know how special that first home is to people. Starlight Homes’s Meriweather Place will always hold a sentimental place for us, as it’s where LETELmetrics got its first stamped set of plans as an engineering company. That’s right, we got our land disturbance permit pulled and we’re on our way, working with Starlight homes in Texas and Georgia (with more locations to come!). The influx of new employees we have is making all of this possible. 

Stay in touch with LETELmetrics as we continue to push forward into the engineering space and continue helping people realize their homeowning dreams!