Further Applications

Our commercial grade drone technology has a wide range of applications that also include forensics, fire detection and public safety.

We can create aerial photographs to rescue missing persons during natural disasters and fires as well as analyze damage.

Customized Applications

Get in touch with us if you have a request for a customized application. Our experienced team can guide you regarding our applications and provide tailor-made solutions.

Customized Applications

  • First Responder Services
  • Indoor Aerial Surveys
  • Real Estate Marketing

GPS Machine Control

From the engineered design to your dozer.  Our experts are capable of designing a trimesh and linework that is user friendly.  We have extensive knowledge from field experience that allow us to build from a operators perspective as well as an engineers.  We have the capabilities to localize your jobsite for you.  Good localization is essential to productivity and accuracy.  Always know where you are on a project, and where you need to go next.  

Available Outputs:

  • *.TP3
  • *.LN3
  • *.GC3
  • *.TN3
  • *.PT3
  • *.RD3
  • *.PL3
  • *.GD3

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