LETELmetrics Process

Objectives → Flight → Processing → Analysis

LETELmetrics Objectives


Let's get clear about what you would like to achieve.

We understand that collaboration and communication with our customers is the key to a successful mission. During this phase, we will customize our services to support your goals.

LETELmetrics Flight


Let's fly safely.

Our commercial grade drones are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and flown by trained FAA pilots for precise data collection. Flights are performed with the highest degree of safety for the public and the properties within the flight path.

LETELmetrics Processing


Let's efficiently process the data and maintain its quality.

The ability to extract and process the information collected during flight is a critical step. Our investment in the best software and processing equipment provides assurance that your data will be delivered to you in a timely fashion with its quality in tact. 

LETELmetrics Analysis


Let's glean insights to support your decision making. 

In the final step, we will analyze the data and generate custom reports that includes input from our network of engineers, consultants and experts. As a result, you will receive comprehensive reports that provide new perspectives to help make sound business decisions.