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  • The best commercial grade drones with the most advanced cameras

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"Every good business owner has a vision for his or her business. I envisioned my construction company on the leading edge of technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. I believed that productivity and profits increase when investment in the latest technologies is combined with passionate people who know how to implement them into daily business activities. When we started pushing the passionate team that we have at my construction company to the edge of the latest technology, we realized that drones were an emerging tool that could transform the way a business operates and manages resources. As a result LETELmetrics, LLC was formed and we are realizing the results of our vision for our customers. 

We look forward to you being a part of our exciting story. We are confident that as you learn more about our company's capabilities and resources, we can provide a customized service that will improve your businesses productivity. With our technology, process and solutions, the profitability of your business activities will also improve. If you have questions or would like to discuss business opportunities, please contact us today."

- Founder